Where can you find the best odds at a casino?

Where to find best odds at a casino

We all love a good card game. And we all love winning. So when you decide to play card and table games, you have to choose these the best odds at a casino. Not every casino game depends on luck, like roulette but also relies on plenty of gambling strategies. If you know the odds, follow the rules, and choose the right strategy, you’re very likely to win your stakes.

What casino game has the best odds?


Where to find best odds at a casinoThe house edge: Typically the house edge is somewhere around 8% when you play blackjack. The chance to lose is also basically the same 8% for both the player and the dealer. You can easily mess up your chances and lose even before the dealer plays their hand if you act too soon. On the other hand, you can greatly increase your odds if you do everything right. Remember Don Johnson?

How to improve your odds: In blackjack, you don’t have to try hard. In fact, this game has one of the best odds at the casino. If you build your game on a basic blackjack strategy, the casino’s odds will drop to an amazing one per cent.
If you find the best way to hit and stand and double at every given table, you can already count your money. Don’t forget, that your chances may vary as different casinos provide different conditions to play: number or deck, what the dealer does on soft 17 and so on.


Where to find best odds at a casino When playing baccarat you can have three options: to bet the dealer’s hand, the player’s or a tie. Which one you choose, determines your odds in a game. Baccarat rules favor the banker, but the difference is not tremendous. The statistics say that 45.9% of hands go to the banker, 44.6% to the player and the remaining 9.5% are ties.

With a few additional features, such as a commission for the banker, the house edge comes to a little more than one per cent. Zero commission for the player allows for 1.24%. So if you start to play baccarat, you are already in a pretty good position. Unless you put a stake on the ties. In this case, the house edge goes up to the sky and reaches 14.4%.

How to improve your odds: The only way you can influence your chances is to bet the banker’s hand or the player’s. You should never bet ties and you’re good. All other decisions are automated and the game proceeds according to the set of rules used in every given case.

Where to find best odds at a casino


Where to find best odds at a casinoThe house edge: Hold’em is basically a variation of poker. For the player, it means that you start with an initial wager and later during the game add more bet in case you like the hand.
The house edge for this casino card game can jump to 3-4 per cent if you do the wrong moves. For example, you don’t follow your stakes and fold more often than you actually need. Or, on the other hand, you feel too confident and bet on the cards you, in fact, shouldn’t.

How to improve your odds: Thanks to having seven cards involved in the game, the number of variables in the Texas Hold’em strategy is enormous. So no strategy charts yet. Maybe you are the one who will finally make one? However, there are strategy calculators that can help.
Main advice — follow your wager. Every time unless you have the worst of hands, like low and unpaired cards. If you keep going this way, the house edge can drop to 2.2 per cent.

It’s easy to get lost among many existing casino card games. So don’t mess around and go to play those with the best odds at a casino. Good luck and good odds!


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