Casino at the Goa airport: Is it dream or reality?

airport gambling at the goa

What is the first thought popping out in your mind when you hear “Goa”? The hippie culture of the 60s-70s? Spiritual practices on the sand beaches, washed by the Arabian Sea? Or funky psychedelic Goa trance music? Known as the most free-minded state of India, Goa has a very active nightlife, and casinos are a significant part of it. Since gambling is legal in Goa, and there are a variety of places to spin the roulette wheel or hit a slot machine, the area is often considered as the Indian Las Vegas. Let’s talk about casino at the airport.

Airport gambling is very comfortable

Now just imagine…You have your flight to legendary Goa, but you give no shit about beaches, cathedrals, and museums. All you want is to put it all on double zero on the roulette! And here is the breaking news. Soon every gambler will be able to start his own Goa casino trip from an airport. Yes, we’re talking about a casino at the airport. Get your passport stamp, take your luggage and make your bet! Simple as that.

Jazzy mood with airport casinos

New casinos are set to be open very soon as the new Mopa Airport is getting ready to accept first passengers at the beginning of the next year. Currently, all international passengers are flying to the sole international air gates of Goa — the boring Dabolim Airport. The upcoming Mopa Airport is going to give all passengers the party mood from the very landing in the North Goa — home to various bars and clubs. And even though the new airport is not going to become the first place for the airport gambling, it would be the first gambling airport in India, and this fact will only fortify the status of Goa as the Indian Las Vegas. It’s also worth noting that only passengers can use airport casinos, so sadly for locals and tourists that are already there, they have fewer options to gamble, especially since the six casino ships in the Mandori river will be relocated soon.

It can push all gamblers to travel

But, who knows, maybe you can try new casinos all around the world? If you don’t plan a trip to Goa anytime soon, why you are not a part of our Syndicate Familia. More than shootings, whiskey, and money, mafia guys love the thrill of winnings. The feeling when you make a bet and it wins is so amazing!



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