Samuell Stovall stole casino chips on $16K

Samuell Stovall stole casino chips on $16K

Now, who among us doesn’t want to get such an enormous sum? We guess, Police in Baltimore doesn’t want to.  Samuell Stovall was arrested because of his wish to rob a Horseshoe casino. And It’s all casino chips fault. 

Casino chips or freedom

Associated Press published the information that 31-year-old was arrested on 23d of November 2019. Police said that man chose a Horseshoe casino in Baltimore for his crime. Man decided to pull off the casino on 16 000 dollars. Just imagine, how much casino chips was there. We didn’t find enough details about how it happened, but we can guess. The most interesting question is “how did he do that?” Probably, he forgot that he had to cash out his chips then or there was something special missing in his life that every man needs to feel whole. Unfortunately, Stovall was sent to jail and he will stand trial as soon as possible. 

Samuell Stovall stole casino chips on $16K

Why do we need these casino chips?

People has made casino chips for years before. They came in all shapes and sizes with different materials such as ivory, valuable wood species, mache, card board and clay. Yes, all of them were used as gambling chips Nowadays the situation has changed.

Let’s review a few reasons for using chips at the casino:

  • It’s easier to use than cash because they are more durable.
  • It’s more difficult to steal or to falsify. Especially for such issues as with Samuel. 
  • It’s easier to calculate at the stacks because all of them have the same size.
  • It’s an integral part of a gambling atmosphere indeed.

You shouldn’t steal any chips ’cause there is a chance to win more than he wanted to stole. Anyway, the casino is a place for victory and defeats. Would you like to practise now?


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