The more slots available in online casinos, the better. In popular casinos today, often the number of devices reaches as much as 1000. The variety will not let you get bored playing on the same devices, and industry news will delight you almost every week. Mega Luck Speaking of the highest-paid jackpot slots, Mega Fortune […]

What slots will be caught after between players in 2020?

As we’ve met at the end of 2019, significantly more slot machines have appeared and dope features have been developed. When some providers close the doors to develop slots, fresh ones come into the industry. Some of the freshly tempting slot machines that will be launched in 2020 include: IGT’s Red Hot Tamales, inspired by […]

Canadian football

Coronavirus gave a decisive blow to the Canadian sport

Canadian football is out  The Canadian Football Championship will not be launched earlier than April 11, according to the league’s official website. The start of the Canadian championship was postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Canadian Championship is held in parallel with the MLS Championship, which is also suspended. It features several Canadian […]

How Australian sport has suffered from coronavirus

Thus, today there are only a few active football tournaments on the planet. Tons of professional athletes, like you, are immersed in online cinemas, consoles, household chores or entertain themselves with toilet paper challenges in social networks. In conditions of competitive hunger, the accumulated excitement, at first glance, has nowhere to go, but even now […]

sport events canceled

Sports Events Canceled! What You Can’t Bet On!

The coronavirus epidemic in 2020 has significantly affected the sports industry Despite all measures, the virus has spread beyond China and is now rapidly spreading in Europe and around the world. Italy became the second epicenter of the disease. They also managed to hold the biathlon world championship there, but some football matches are either […]

MACAU’S Casino

Coronavirus Shuts Down Macau’s

The coronavirus Covid-19 is a real hazard to a gambling business All casinos in Macau will be closed for 14 days. The date and time of closure will be announced later. Earlier in the region, the tenth case of coronavirus infection was confirmed. It was found at the 57-year-old resident of Macau. The authorities of […]

Samuell Stovall stole casino chips on $16K

 Samuell Stovall stole casino chips on $16K

Now, who among us doesn’t want to get such an enormous sum? We guess, Police in Baltimore doesn’t want to.  Samuell Stovall was arrested because of his wish to rob a Horseshoe casino. And It’s all casino chips fault.  Casino chips or freedom Associated Press published the information that 31-year-old was arrested on 23d of […]

A Las Vegas casino gets a lawsuit from O. J. Simpson

Las Vegas casino gets a lawsuit from O. J. Simpson

Yes, you have read the title right. A former American football player decided to sue the Las Vegas casino which smeared his good name back in 2017. Today O. J. Simpson seems to be very aware of his reputation and doesn’t want a pinch of dirt gossip to ruin what’s left of it. If you know […]

Kirk Kerkorian Estate granted 25 million dollars to UNLV

Kirk Kerkorian granted $25 million to UNLV in Vegas secret

In 2017, the University of Nevada medical school received a generous gift of $25 million. Without a doubt, the offering left everyone curious about the sponsor’s name. When boasting the paycheck, the UNLV representative had all the personal data covered with sticky notes. But the donor remained unknown. Naturally, the unstoppable desire to celebrate and […]

Wynn casinos are about to lose the gaming license

20 million dollars for saving Wynn casino license

Steve Wynn, one of the biggest names in the casino industry and a person close to American president Donald Trump, is going to lose the gaming license of his casinos. All to his unruly behavior and sexual misconduct claims, according to CNN. The unsatisfactory behavior of Gaming Mogul The Nevada Gaming Control Board complied with […]

Cutting edge technology in Online Gambling

Online Gambling technologies in 2019

Online gambling is growing more popular with every passing week. New technologies in gambling let you take a shower and play whatever you want with an online casino. Of course,  the biggest bottleneck is that you can play the top of casino games anywhere. Another advantage is that online gambling is dealing with innovation like a VR […]

Fall down on casino ship

Fall down on casino ship and get a million dollars

Have you ever heard about casinos at the sea? Just imagine. If you were there, you would see the world and gamble on that casino boat as well. But here’s the problem: Texas woman requires between 200,000 and a million dollars in damages by landing on the wet floor of cruise casino. Such information was […]

$500 million for New York casino license

Do you remember how Vegas casinos look? The famous one was built in the New York style. Of course, the Statue of Liberty is there too. And It was designed as a miniature. Everyone would like to believe that dreams come true and they are entitled. If you can believe, we will be able to […]

Trump lost a Sydney casino because of Mafia

Trump is an endless source of exciting news, isn’t he? A new story has come up to light after the Australians published a document about the first Sydney casino project that became finally public. According to New South Wales regulations, cabinet minutes and a secret police report could only now be revealed after the incident […]

airport gambling at the goa

Casino at the Goa airport: Is it dream or reality?

What is the first thought popping out in your mind when you hear “Goa”? The hippie culture of the 60s-70s? Spiritual practices on the sand beaches, washed by the Arabian Sea? Or funky psychedelic Goa trance music? Known as the most free-minded state of India, Goa has a very active nightlife, and casinos are a […]