Fall down on casino ship and get a million dollars

Fall down on casino ship

Have you ever heard about casinos at the sea? Just imagine. If you were there, you would see the world and gamble on that casino boat as well. But here’s the problem: Texas woman requires between 200,000 and a million dollars in damages by landing on the wet floor of cruise casino. Such information was found in a legal journal SE Texas Record. 

Are casino ships safe?

We can never be sure, but let’s face facts. An aggrieved Michelle Wilson decided to sue that operator for malpractice. During navigation the cruise liner  “Jack or Better”, Michelle’s fall raised severe trauma, including “pain and suffering, physical impairment, mental anguish, disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment of life.” Texas woman mentioned that the casino ship has crossed international waters. Consequently, It was announced by the boat’s crew. In her lawsuit, Michelle explained the reason for that slippery floor. It’s all because of “build-up of moisture” and a “lack of suitable non-slip coating.” We can say that she shouldn’t run on a slippery floor. You would probably like to help to calm the troubled waters. Yes, but unfortunately, it could have been prevented in another way, such as adequate services, periodical inspection of the ship and so on. 

Casino cruise with damage to your body

International waters, different rules 

An interesting fact that people cannot get started their games until such casino ships hit international waters. Staff should inform gamblers when this has taken place. After that, passengers will be able to gamble without breach of the laws. And you know, why? The reason is simple: All casinos at the sea are incorporated under the laws of the lands in which they were registered. So when casino ship is parked off the coast, patrons can only learn how to bluff in poker and wait for boat to cross federal waters. That’s it. 

To be continued

Another gambler, Luis Barrios submitted such a similar complain about cruise Corporation in Florida. He said that he sustained after falling on the steps of a luxury liner. From his word, some staff members had been pulling him and his companion along with a flight of stairs with haste, causing both passengers to fall. Cruise passenger said his injuries were so severe he needed spine surgery. Can be sure, our online Syndicate casino will be safer and without standing up.



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