Kirk Kerkorian granted $25 million to UNLV in Vegas secret

Kirk Kerkorian Estate granted 25 million dollars to UNLV

In 2017, the University of Nevada medical school received a generous gift of $25 million. Without a doubt, the offering left everyone curious about the sponsor’s name. When boasting the paycheck, the UNLV representative had all the personal data covered with sticky notes. But the donor remained unknown. Naturally, the unstoppable desire to celebrate and boast the mammoth donation led to a failure to keep the Vegas secret. And then, Las Vegas Review-Journal let the cat out of the bag ’cause they have received an actual unedited copy of the paycheck. It’s a simple deal: The check was signed by Anthony Mandekic, who currently is in charge of Kirk Kerkorian estate.

Who foiled Kerkorian’s plan to stay anonymous?

Supposedly, one of the low-position staff decided to boast the check and used the unedited copy of it. Then, the paycheck was printed as a part of the flyer that was widely distributed across the campus.  After that, one of the employees shared the print with the Review-Journal.  So you can know more details about this occasion in this article as well. There is nothing wrong with being happy about a generous donation. The problem is that the donor explicitly expressed his desire to stay anonymous. But someone spilled the beans.

Who is Kirk Kerkorian?

Kirk was one of the most noticeable names in the casino and entertainment industry. Furthermore, he kept his power and had an impact on everything until his death in 2015. Casino billionaire started his career as a boxer and a pilot trainer. Such information was listed in Forbes. In the 1960s he opened the original MGM hotel & casino and restored it after the fire. As well as the casino, he also had in his possession the MGM movie studio, including a stake in its Chinese subsidiary. Well, given the circumstances, he is a lucky man! In 2015 his total fortune was estimated at about $60 billion. Despite the belief that money spoils, Kerkorian showed a great example of how one can use money and power to help others.

Kirk Kerkorian estate granted $25 million to the UNLV in secret

The charitable work of casino billionaire

Many people can say that Kirk was a very good person who always gives them a hand in different situations. As we mentioned before, the organization that donated to UNLV is Kirk Kerkorian estate. Back in the days, Kerkorian started The Lincy Foundation. Even though, He used it to donate money to various institutions in the United States and his motherland Armenia. Although the total amount of charity from the casino mogul is said to be about one billion dollars, he always preferred to stay aside and keep his name anonymous. But for a good cause, right? Anthony Mandekic, who signed the check from Kerkorian Estate in favor of UNLV medical school, was disappointed that the sponsor’s name became undisclosed in that matter. The Vegas secret was opened.

About the donation to UNLV

To summarise, $25 million from Kerkorian was meant to match the same amount of money approved by the Nevada Legislature. In the end, The Legislature agreed to help pay a part of $100 million needed for a new building on the condition that the school adds the same sum. The donation from Kerkorian organization made it up to half of the necessary amount of money and met the requirements of the Legislature about the matching funds.


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