Las Vegas casino gets a lawsuit from O. J. Simpson

A Las Vegas casino gets a lawsuit from O. J. Simpson

Yes, you have read the title right. A former American football player decided to sue the Las Vegas casino which smeared his good name back in 2017. Today O. J. Simpson seems to be very aware of his reputation and doesn’t want a pinch of dirt gossip to ruin what’s left of it. If you know who Simpson is, you feel the irony. If you don’t, a little information to feel the gap is below.

Who is O. J. Simpson?

The Simpson’s name was once associated with a person of great talent who earned almost every possible victory a football player can. During 11 years of a professional footballer career, he set a few records and was called an Athlete of the Year as well as five times All-Pro.
Moreover, Simpson’s name is included in the Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame.
However, everything went wrong after he finished his football career. In a few years, he became known as a criminal. In 1994, he faced charges for murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman. Although the court found him not guilty, many believe he was. A civil trial that followed after that sentenced Simpson to pay $33.5 million to the victims’ families for wrongful deaths. Which he never paid. Another case happened in 2007 in Las Vegas. Together with five more men, Simpson attempted to get back a few of his past belongings from collectibles dealers. He was convicted to 33 years of jail and went on parole in 2017.

A Las Vegas casino gets a lawsuit from O. J. Simpson

Can we go back to the lawsuit?

In 2017, Simpson spent some time in a Cosmopolitan casino in Las Vegas. As he claims, when he was leaving the premises he received a note from one of the employees. The note stated that he was no more allowed to ever visit the las vegas casino. The reason for such a decision told of the unnamed casino workers. He tells a story of Simpson being drunk and aggressive. Moreover, the former football player started an argument with the guard and broke a few glasses. From the point of view of the casino, a good enough reason to ban him from coming again.
However, Simpson does not agree with the casino’s side of the story. According to him, his behavior was exemplary and he did nothing to upset the casino management. And now he feels offended and files the defamation suit.

Did he take any drugs?

After the story went viral in the media, Simpson’s parole officer came to test him on using drugs or alcohol. All the tests proved that Simpson was not under the influence and didn’t break his parole conditions, as stated in the suit. When asked for the commentary, the police representative refused to say any as they are not allowed to share any information on the parolees. The further steps of both the Las Vegas casino and Simpson are yet to happen. In any case, O.J. Simpson today may be a different person from before and his desire to clean his name is very much understandable.



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