Multi-line slots or Classic slots: What would you choose?

Multi-Line Slots are better than classic, aren't they?

Are you playing multi-line slots for a while already? Or you don’t have a clue what we are talking about? Believe it or not, but multi-line slot machines are an excellent example of a progression in the world of gaming. In the world of the mafia, there is the way from a beginner to Godfather. You can definitely make your way from single-line gameplay with three reels to the advanced free multi-line slots with five reels. For a person who is new to online casino games, these rules can be looking a tad confusing. When in fact, you just need to clean up the difference.  Syndicate casino blog would like to help you to get there.

On one hand, a classic line slots

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You cannot imagine that the history of online slots goes back to 1995 when the first online casino was opened. And you can find it curious that all slot games at that time were single lined or 3-reeled. This type of slots is a reference to the “old school” one-armed machine with a lever pulled by the player to make a spin. In fact, 3-reel slots are the best for newcomers since these slots are easier to understand and get started. All you have in front of you are three reels with various symbols (berries, monkeys, gangsters, etc.) and a “spin” button. This kind of slots as easy as ABC.

In more advanced games you can also see your Balance, Bet, and Total Win displays. Furthermore, you can change the amount of your bet.

Usually, when a player pushes spin, the random number generator stops on random three symbols. That creates a winning line if all three symbols are the same in the line. So you can figure it out like taking candy from a baby!

On the other hand, the multi-line slots

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Probably, newcomers would hardly tell the difference because they thought that it’s a bag of tricks. But can be sure, multi-line slots are quite similar to a single (classic). Except for the fact that these type of slots offer more than one pay line for every spin, but they are five-reeled with up to 25 pay lines for every single spin. In addition to it, multi-line slots more abundant in terms of gameplay, design, and sounds.

A LITTLE SECRET FROM SYNDICATE CASINO BLOG: When the gambler plays multi-line slots, he is potentially able to win multiple times during one spin, whereas on a standard slot machine he only has one pay line which means he’s either win or lose on every single spin. That is the reason why so many people now prefer to play exactly multi-lines.

However, even though multi-line slots now are more popular, single line slots still spread their charm. You can try both of them in Syndicate casino by spinning classic line slots in Fire Joker or hitting multi-line slots in Book of Dead. Good luck!



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