$500 million for New York casino license

Do you remember how Vegas casinos look? The famous one was built in the New York style. Of course, the Statue of Liberty is there too. And It was designed as a miniature. Everyone would like to believe that dreams come true and they are entitled. If you can believe, we will be able to put NY on the map of casinos in the nearest future. How is it possible?
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Casinos can be built in New York because of big money

You know, that’s an interesting proposition which was offered by members of the large gambling companies. Right, to begin, let’s fill the sky with fire.
How fortunate that high rollers took a chance to pitch their fresh ideas to NY government. Just imagine, they want to open in New York City as many as three full-fledged casinos. That issue was discussed with lawmakers, the Assembly speaker Carl Heastie and the 56th governor of New York, Andrew M. Cuomo.

What could make their arguments more compelling?

    1. First of all, it can be hundreds of dollars which they are ready to give to the state each year.
    2. The second reason is that Americans can work at the casino ‘cause gambling companies may create thousands of new jobs there.
    3. The strongest argument is that casino in New York may solve the financial cure for the city’s decrepit subways.

Map of casinos in New York

Would you like to know where the casino is going to go?

One suggestion was that Aqueduct Raceway and Yonkers Raceway could be transformed into full gaming operations. On the other side, a new gambling hub could be built outside of Manhattan ‘cause the state is going to open the bidding for three casino licenses. But for now, the three companies are ready to pay the budget of NY state at least $500 million. This is not a small amount! Obviously, the concept of bringing gaming to New York City was supported by the Assembly and Senate gaming committees.

Andrew Caumo seemed to recognize the potential of  the state casino license

The 56th governor of New York, Andrew M. Cuomo described casino in New York as “the golden franchise” for gaming, but also said that any plans to open new casinos before 2023 is “dubious”
Cuomo clearly saw the potential for casinos in New York. Look, the state casino licenses can be sold much more costly than half-a-billion dollars each.
But if you think about it, why does that place have to be New York? That’s interesting question.  Attractiveness for casino companies is clear: a bajillion gamblers, comprising the 65 million tourists who come to New York City annually.

What about racinos? 

Fortunately, the Council said that it was firmly opposed to the concept of “any quick-fix approach to convert existing racinos.”
Probably, casinos will be instead of racinos only when pigs fly, but we can see the result of that very soon. He came to the conclusion that all decisions could be based on bidding.
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