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New and Most popular Casino Games The idea of online betting has been a great source of enjoyment to various people across the globe. Online casinos like have been around for a while, offering online gamblers the best game list with most popular online casino games such as slot machines, Roulette, online pokies, blackjack, […]

Where to find best odds at a casino

Where can you find the best odds at a casino?

We all love a good card game. And we all love winning. So when you decide to play card and table games, you have to choose these the best odds at a casino. Not every casino game depends on luck, like roulette but also relies on plenty of gambling strategies. If you know the odds, […]

Texas Holdem strategy

Texas Holdem strategy for WSOP Main Event

Texas Hold ‘em, Texas Holdem, Hold ‘em or Holdem? Do you know how to call it correctly? Any of them is the right name. Nowadays gamblers can ask us the most efficient Texas holdem tips and useful gambling strategy in this field. Syndicate casino blog is ready to share its knowledge in this article. Without […]

Pontoon Card Game: what to know and how to win

Pontoon Card Game: what to know and how to win

What, you have never heard of the pontoon as a card game? You must have never been to Australia then. This game is particularly popular out there and every respectful Aussie knows how to play it. Firstly, you need to know that if you can play Blackjack or 21, you are pretty much the same […]

Blackjack basic strategy chart in Las Vegas casino

Blackjack basic strategy chart in Las Vegas casino

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in casinos worldwide. All unbelievable conditions for a victory are here. Anthony Curtis and Gianni the Greek are going to give you the best tips on  Blackjack basic strategy chart. In this article, you will learn why this game is like a game of chess indeed. […]

Pro shuffling cards with Miquel Roman

How to shuffle cards like a pro

A real gangster knows what to do with cards. It might help you to play in Poker, Baccarat or other card games, even if you don’t. Syndicate casino blog with Miquel Roman will teach you a few tricks on how to deal with cards like a professional dealer. 7 card shuffles to learn in a […]

How to nail poker: Don’t play throug and stop bluffing

Let’s play a game of associations. We say “poker”; Some say… it’s “green table”.  All right..let’s try again. Probably, you can tell poker is linked to money… Awesomesause! But the very first thing everyone associates with poker games is bluff.   There are 3 different types of poker bluffs If we look inside your head, we can […]

How to play online casino blackjack

How to master Blackjack in 4 simple steps

If you want to feel like a cool guy, there are two possible ways. You can put on a striped tailored suit and join a mafia gang or you can just play a good game of blackjack. Or both: we all know that mafia always wins. Especially with Syndicate casino! Blackjack strategy is simple Why […]