Top 5 unbelievable gambling facts

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When you’re sad, the casino does wonders. Syndicate casino blog is going to tell you some of the most heartrending casino stories. You have no idea what’s happening here. For real, It’s tasting all the secrets stashed inside. Our favorite part is the unveiling:

Frederick Smith kept Federal Express by Vegas gambling

You may be surprised to read that Frederick Smith, the founder of FedEx decided to gamble in Vegas because of financial issues. Now, pay close attention. Fortunately, he had a good fortune of $27,000 in blackjack! No way! Just imagine, Federal Express only had $5,000 when Frederick chose to get it out of there. We cannot emphasize enough just how important Smith’s Vegas gamble was for his company in 1973. Well, a little later, Federal Express ultimately earn its first returns in 1976.

Can you imagine a casino in Nevada State Prison?

casino facts about gambling in prison

It’s not a  casino fun this time. We are telling about the state of Nevada where gambling is more popular than alcohol! There were no movies in Nevada jail, but that prison had a casino inside it for 35 years! Why not? We’re all human. It was in Carson City from 1932 to 1967. Then, the casino in prison was forbidden by a new warden from California.

Is London cab is a quick means of transportation or the world’s smallest Casino?

world's largest casino is not interesting. So we will show you the smallest one

If you want to know the address of that casino, let’s better play online at Syndicate. That cutie casino doesn’t have its address. All that we know right now is that it’s located in the back of a London cab. It’s like a dollhouse with the dealer, green table for the game, TV and so on.

A woman wanted the First Casino License in Vegas, the woman got it

Mayme Stocker in 1920 for the Northern Club


Well, your reaction depends on which answer you wanted to hear. We would like to surprise you. Not the only male could gamble in Las Vegas, not only a male could open own casinos. Vegas gambling is open to everyone. The first legal casino license was granted to a woman named Mayme Stocker in 1920 for the Northern Club. An interesting fact is that Stocker’s casino was opened under her name because her husband Harold didn’t want to have a deal in that case. From time immemorial women on gambling statistics play at the casino as well as men.

Who was the first customer of a slot machine with automatic payout?

Liberty bell is the first slot machine

You’ll never guess what we know. The slot machine was popular among auto shop customers in those years. Charles Fey, inventor of the first slot machine with automatic payout, couldn’t imagine in 1895 that anybody even played in a casino at his “Liberty Bell” machine. Her place was his auto shop in San Francisco for customers. They had fun while waited for their cars to be repaired as quickly as possible. When it became very popular, casinos decided to buy them for gamblers.
Look, it may be time for you to play online at Syndicate casino even when you’re waiting for your car to be fixed.


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