20 million dollars for saving Wynn casino license

Wynn casinos are about to lose the gaming license

Steve Wynn, one of the biggest names in the casino industry and a person close to American president Donald Trump, is going to lose the gaming license of his casinos. All to his unruly behavior and sexual misconduct claims, according to CNN.

The unsatisfactory behavior of Gaming Mogul

The Nevada Gaming Control Board complied with a complaint regarding on the case of Wynn’s casino. As a matter of fact, the Nevada Gaming Commission was asked to take a close look at the behavior of the gaming mogul which was, and is, far from exemplary. The gaming board described him as not only a person of neither a good character, but also not integrity. Furthermore, the complaint clearly stated that the board takes his behavior as a sign of threat to the State of Nevada.

As a result, the Gaming Commission was recommended to terminate a gaming license for Wynn casino. But the most interesting finding is that the gaming mogul never showed up on any of the hearings regarding the claims. Moreover, Wynn’s representatives said nothing about the situation as CNN reached them.

What is a sexual assault for Wynn?

There is some messed up stuff in here about Steve’s behavior. In February last year, Steve Wynn resigned from the position of CEO of his company Wynn Resorts. This happened after many of the resort employees claimed they became the victims of sexual harassment. Of course, none of them liked it.  And just few of them dared to talk about it as everything in a company was built to prevent it. The investigation on this matter was rarely initiated and the management covered up any situation with sexual misconduct accusation. It sounds terrible, isn’t it?

All this information was compiled in a report that forced Wynn to step down. Although he did so, he never responded to the allegations preferring to play safe. For refusing to cooperate, he was fined 20 million dollars indeed. Who know what he is up to? Probably, years of covering up sexual abuse.

Throwing shade on the Gaming Industry

The report from the gaming board states that Steve ruined the Nevada reputation. As he is a well-known and highly-recognized figure in gaming, he is associated with the whole industry. In the light of the mogul’s conduct, including the allegations and his silence on the topic, threw shade on the gaming sphere and made it look very unappealing. The best thing the Commission can do is the cancelation of the casino license. It might have helped avoid all connection with Wynn. The Nevada state wants to avoid further reputational damage forthwith.

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